Waseem ‘hurt’ after Naseem was given DSP honor


“I am very sad that this country values ​​only the cricketers, but it is worse to ignore the high-ranking people in the international and national level from Balochistan, as if we do not exist, ” said Pakistan’s only World Boxing Council winner of the belt with the professional boxer. Muhammad Waseem, as he expressed his disbelief when it comes to cricket Naseem Shah was given the honorary rank of DSP and was a good ambassador of Balochistan Police.

The 19-year-old cricketer, who has less international achievements than many players from Balochistan, does not belong to the province but was given the honour, leaving the players from the districts that feel neglected and ignored.

“I was asked by the Balochistan police to attend this ceremony and I was very upset and hurt,” Waseem told Alabi News. “It feels really bad because they don’t respect us at all. Not only me, but other players from Balochistan too.

“We have done many things for this country, for our lands, but they are not seen despite competing and winning at the highest international level in one of the most difficult sports in the world. The invitation I get from our own organization like the Balochistan Police is to come and sit on a participant than our achievements are unusual. It’s like cricket is the only game they care about.

“Naseem is from Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KP). We have never received any honor from KP Police or their department. What about that?”

Waseem holds the record of winning 12 fights, eight of them by knockout, out of 14 professional fights he has played professionally. He was the first Pakistani to win the WBC silver belt in 2017 at flyweight and successfully defended the title. Just last year he met Englishman Sunny Edwards for the International Boxing Federation world flyweight title.

Waseem is looking for another chance at this year’s world championship.

But the idea of ​​the woman who won the bronze medal in the Asian Games in 2014, there are other athletes who are football players like Saadullah, boxer, boxer and karateka, men and women from Balochistan who deserve the glory.

The gold medalist at the 2010 World Games said that it is difficult to justify the choice of family jobs when the government, provincial and federal governments do not take athletes seriously. apart from cricket.

“I was given a choice to change my nationality from Pakistan to South Korea, but we always choose the country. However, we will not be chosen by the country. My brother reminded me of the possibility of getting South Korean citizenship. He was also very sad when he came to know about this meeting of the Balochistan Police. He also said that this situation is not appropriate. “It’s getting harder and harder to deal with the family at times, because you ask why there is discrimination and insensitivity when it comes to non-cricketers,” he said. a 2014 and 2010 Commonwealth Games medalist.

If we look at the cricket landscape in the country, not many cricketers have come from Balochistan.

Waseem said inside Balochistan many young people participate in other sports because they know that they are not selected to play for the country in cricket because of politics and sometimes discrimination. But the more popular sports in Balochistan are football, boxing and cycling to name a few.


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