Alibaba tests chatGPT tool as AI grows

Alibaba Group, on Wednesday said that they are developing a special ChatGPT tool that is currently in testing, joining a race of technology companies around the world to show that they are accelerating in the development of special features (AI).

The statement by the Chinese e-commerce group came after the 21st Century Herald newspaper reported that Alibaba is developing a ChatGPT-like chat robot that is now open to employees for testing. .

When asked about the newspaper’s report, which also said that Alibaba can combine the technology with the group’s communication program DingTalk, Alibaba refused to reveal.

The company said it has focused on large-scale language modeling and AI development for several years. Large language models are natural language processing systems that are taught in large volumes of text, and can answer and understand questions as well. and the creation of new texts.

Alibaba’s US shares rose 3.2% in premarket trading after the news.

Shares in several other Chinese technology companies have surged in the past few days due to investor interest in Open.Ai’s ChatGPT, which can generate stories, rumors and jokes in response to stimuli and It has been recorded that the fastest growing number of app users in India. history.

Shares in Chinese search engine maker Baidu rose 15% on Tuesday after it said it plans to complete testing of its “Ernie bot” in March. Google owner Alphabet Inc is also planning its own chatbot service and says it will use more artificial intelligence for its search engine.

Microsoft, which owns Open.AI, plans to tie ChatGPT to its Bing search engine.

On Wednesday, another Chinese technology group said it is looking to integrate some methods and technology similar to ChatGPT in some of its products, such as its e-commerce platform’s customer service.

A source familiar with NetEase, told Reuters that the Chinese game company plans to install similar large-scale language simulation models to serve its education business.


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