There is nothing ugly about Indian OTT advertising: Sanam Saeed

From his beginnings as a model at only sixteen years of age to work on entertainment such as ‎Qatil Haseenaon Ke Naam and Zindagi Gulzar Hi, Sanam Saeed has gone too far. Of the cake stars recently appeared above FWhy Podcast and talks about his amazing journey as an entertainer in Pakistan.

When asked about his unusual choice of movies, Saeed replied, “I choose movies but it’s also very lucky. than usual, then you can’t go back to behind.

Saeed felt that he still struggles with acting roles on screen, even though he has been an actor for many years. “I’m camera shy and never changed. Since I used to play on stage, I was scared of cameras at first. . in front of the audience without hair or make-up, no makeup or wig to hide behind. Without a script and having an idea about the themes, it’s very different from the drama or the drama.”

She added, “I finally got used to the camera, but it took a while. I still feel like my story on television will never be the same.” and the truth of the drama because there is no element of isolation and force. It also varies from set to set. There are a lot of cuts and breaks while filming, it doesn’t give the same fidelity as it does on stage. going and interrupting yourself or your co-star doesn’t reflect the same energy, and that’s why I think it’s more difficult to work in front of a camera.”

In his mother’s battle with cancer

Saeed then talked about his mother’s battle with cancer before she died. “It was breast cancer at first but 6-7 years later it was lung cancer but it was the same disease from the first tumor, the cancer kept coming back because spread in, like an open door but the cells slip. The worst part of the treatment is that it kills you, it makes you unhappy and it affects your emotions, it weakens the bones. My mother was cancer-free after the first year, then she was in remission for six years until the medicine finally took effect. it was reduced and he had a little life.”

Before ending the conversation about his mother’s death, Saeed expressed his acceptance of death as a part of life. “I always think that death is a fact of life, you have to accept and acknowledge the fact that it is a loss that must be faced. It is in a better place than this and rejoin the people who came before them,” he concluded.

Close the door

After the host asked Saeed about his decision to keep his private affairs from public view, he explained. “My personal life is not anyone’s business, there is too much weight to bear as their opinions and judgments – and I do not want such an effect on me, if someone likes one for me, thanks, and if they like it. no, it doesn’t matter but I don’t need that in my space and aura.”

He also added how tabloid and clickbait journalism has become “scary” and that newspapers don’t leave out celebrities. “They are celebrating the couples who are getting married and they are brave enough to put their lives in front of the nation but if there is a what’s wrong, the media won’t leave you, we’re buzzing because of the media, it’s an addiction. to know every detail about someone’s life. Who is wearing the best dress in this show, or checking out the latest review of someone’s performance? Like, stop. We have become thick-headed, exhausted and full of uncertainty now,” he said. .

In his upcoming projects

Saeed also talked about his upcoming project Pares, also featuring Fawad Khan. During the interaction, he revealed how Asim Abbasi’s direction is available on the Zee5 application, but it will not be released in Pakistan. “Why these Indian OTT applications were banned in Pakistan? There is also obscenity on television and news today. To tell you the truth, the content is only an excuse. platforms. If all of us filmmakers who are interested in working on projects other than traditional television dramas, will eventually start working with other producers, then who do you do drama?” he asked.

Of the Ishrat Made in China The actor said that Pakistan’s decision to ban such requests was also appropriate. He said, “If the audience gets a taste of what’s on these OTT platforms, then it’s bad for the people who are running the drama business here. Also, I think It makes sense that if India doesn’t allow us to play our stuff in their country, then we shouldn’t increase their wealth.”

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