Usman Mukhtar’s ‘Gulabo Rani’ won seven international awards

There is no stopping Usman Mukhtar’s latest horror film, Gulabo Rani. The actor-turned-actor has opened up about the achievements of his business on social media and recently announced then the international awards of that movie.

Sharing a picture of the trophy, Mukhtar wrote, “Alhamdulillah very happy to announce that our film Gulabo Rani has won seven more awards worldwide. Gulabo won awards by four at the Independent Shorts Awards in Los Angeles!”

The film received awards for Best Horror Short Film, Best Sound Design, Best Director Male and Best Cinematography. Mukhtar said Gulabo Rani has won awards at Indie X Film Fest LA in the categories, Best Horror Short Film and Best Director Male including an award at Indie Short Fest LA for Best Horror Short Film.

The director of Bench wrote a heartfelt letter to express his gratitude to his cast and crew. “I want to thank everyone involved in this project – from the designers to the crew – for all their hard work and dedication. It’s amazing what we were able to achieve with such a limited budget,” Mukhtar wrote, “Despite the challenges we faced, all of you brought your A-game to the table. You poured your heart and soul into this project, and it showed where last. good luck.”

He added, “To all the farmers – you brought your people to life with honesty and passion. Your performances were amazing and captured. that’s the essence of the story.” Mukhtar continued to share, “To the crew – you worked tirelessly behind the scenes, making sure everything was just right. Your tireless efforts, patience, and dedication were truly inspiring, and I can’t thank you enough.”

He ended his letter by thanking all those involved in the work. “Thank you for everything you’ve done, these awards are a testament to your hard work, creativity, and dedication. I couldn’t be more proud of each and every one of you. Let’s keep pushing the boundaries and telling amazing stories. Thank you!” he shared.

Gulabo Rani is a creepy short film that revolves around a haunted house. Although many details about the plot are still being kept under wraps, the trailer shows a dark, haunting spirit haunting young children living in a haunted apartment building. “The main work of horror is done by living people,” reads the tagline of the film, enough to inspire any lover of horror films.

Gulabo Rani stars Usama Javaid Haider, Meiraj Haq, Daniyal Khaqan Afzal, Omer Abdullah Khan and Natasha Humera Ejaz in important roles.

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