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You better believe Farhan Saeed isn’t the one to get white and not hit again. The singer-turned-filmmaker recently took on the pain when he responded to a Twitter user who described how Turkish celebrities were busy raising money for victims of terrible earthquake happened at the beginning of this month.

A fundraiser made by eight national television stations and other prominent Turkish people who responded to requests for donations collected about $ 6.1 billion for the victims of the Turkiye earthquake. Turkey’s new program for those affected by the earthquake, called Turkey One Heart, was founded by several Turkish television and radio stations that came together to help those who survived the disaster last week. ago.

The tweep took to the micro-blogging site and posted a picture of Saeed with her Mere Humsafar co-star, Hania Aamir, from a local awards ceremony held in Toronto. “Turkey celebrities are raising money for earthquake victims while Pakistani celebrities left for a sign during the floods,” complained the user. Then he said again, “Unfortunately, countries that don’t stand up for themselves deserve this and worse.”

At this point, Saeed applauded again, “First, the proceeds are for the victims of the floods.” He further revealed, “Secondly, all these telethons that happen in Pakistan, the artists collect money. For all Shaukat Khanum’s hospitals, the artists raised a lot of money with Imran Khan, but with a special twist like you, you are always happy. others are better.

Actor Suno Chanda’s response angered many. “I get where you’re coming from, but right now, it’s not about the money but the level of uncertainty that can’t be swept under the rug, the show was made at the time This is exactly where millions of people lost their lives. house and live in floods”.

Another added, “You only made one official tweet about the floods. Your Instagram feed has nothing about the floods these days. Go see Burak’s, Ozge, Yuldiz’s Instagram feed and stories full of rescue messages and calls for donations. Sit down. The more you talk, the more we hate your chance.”

Another tweep said, “It’s not the income or the money but the uncertainty that was shown. People, houses and everything were lost but the congregation went for a sign. It’s the land but they went and they didn’t.” confused.”

Another Twitter user shared, “Turkish main channels are not airing new episodes of dramas, their TV channels, as well as the private media of the actors, are 24/7 all dedicated to helping the people affected by the earthquake. leave.”

Another added, “I’m so sorry to tell you but the Hum Awards happened as per schedule like every year and after the backlash it finally happened they decide to donate a portion of the proceeds to the flood victims, I’ll say a small amount again. a portion, not the entire proceeds.”

A user wanted Saeed to be ashamed, instead of clapping back. “The good thing is the feeling of shame. Half the country was under the sea while our players were in Canada for an award show. Don’t BS the public and the revenue was for the flood. o? Complicated marketing? Honest?”

It is important to mention here that the organizers of the show had previously announced that a percentage of the ticket sales would be donated to the flood victims.

It is also important to add that many local artists have contributed to the flood relief mission. Hadiqa Kiani helped her campaign of Vaseela-e-Raah to provide textile products to the affected and rebuild the villages affected by the floods. Anoushey Ashraf, Natasha Baig, Dino and Azekah Daniel, too, visited Sindh and Balochistan areas to raise awareness of the seriousness of the situation.

Besides, Uzair Jaswal’s concert in Islamabad was organized so that money could be sent to the victims. Mohsin Naveed Ranjha, HSY along with other designers shared some of their recent collections with the charity. Meera and Hira Mani organized shows to raise money for the flood relief fund.

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