Hamza is back on television with the upcoming drama ‘Jaan-e-Jahan’

Gather together, Hamza Ali Abbasi fans; we have news for you! Although we may not be over the threat of an actress like Noori Natt in Bilal Lashari’s The Story of Maula Jatthe has now announced his return to television.

Abbasi took to social media and shared that he will be returning to the small screen John-by-John. “Happy to introduce you to the wonderful world of our upcoming project Jaan-e-Jahan written by Rida Bilal, directed by Qasim Ali Mureed,” said the Instagram post. “Provided by Samina Humayun Saeed and Sana Shahnawaz coming soon to a television near you!”

The teaser sees an introductory message from the makers along with Humayun Saeed’s stunning narration. At its first glance, John-by-John set aside a parent Alif vibe – The television project of Abbasi in 2019. The date of publication and other information about the 38-year-old promoter project is kept under wraps.

2022, however, has been fruitful for Abbasi’s news career. Of the Mann Mayall The actor’s last work, Lashari’s magnum opus, has become the highest grossing Pakistani film of all time. “I have been a part of this project since the beginning. I really enjoyed doing this. I really liked Bilal’s foresight in implementing his idea of ​​Noori. It was easier for me to take on this role because I was a part of this project from the beginning,” Abbasi said. Alabi News in a previous interview.

Abbasi said that the role was very difficult. “The rise of Noori was weak, with the heat of Lahore, the beard, and the hair. Filling the shoes of Mustafa Qureshi Sahab was an added challenge. I can say that the most challenging character of my work,” Abbasi added.

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