Priyanka, Richard try to find answers

Two years and $185 million later, the Russo brothers finally fell Citadel‘s trailer, along with Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Richard Madden on Monday. The spy series sees the two trying to return to their roots.

Madden and Chopra Jonas to play Mason Kane and Nadia Sinh, respectively; they were former members of the independent spy agency Citadel, which was taken down by a criminal group called Manticore. Eight years later, Mason and Nadia don’t remember their time at the Citadel and live anonymous lives as completely different people – until their old friend Bernard ( Stanley Tucci).

The trailer includes flashbacks of Mason and Nadia’s time at Citadel, including an encounter on a train that causes an explosion. Madden and Chopra Jonas say that the different moments of the show reflect both the experience of watching the show and the experience of making it.

Avengers: Endgame director, Anthony Russo, who is an executive director on the show in the announcement, said, “I mean, I think this show is like, stacked on some systems two interests that we have seen in history in the past. Over the years, that is, we have all developed a strong desire for history that has a universal vision in them, a connected information. years-long in them, where people change and morph and move between different information. around the world and the ability of non-English language films and films to travel to other cultures, and often the majority of the English language dominates the culture.”

Chopra Jonas added, “It was really interesting for me as someone who has worked for a long time in non-English media to see the success of, you know, subtitled work in English-speaking territories. . But I think the ambition. of this show, which was very interesting to me in the beginning, like its social research, if, you know, the flagship show of the English language, you have a show India, you have an Italian scene, and the characters and the metaphors, you know, blend into each other and overlap.

He said, “Is that going to take a territory of people and look at another language? Like, will the audience of the Italian show want to watch the Hindi version, which has no equivalent in the language? But what is most interesting and interesting to me is the exchange of cultures and the way entertainment goes beyond borders and languages ​​now.”

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