Farhan Saeed said celebrities are afraid to speak for IK

Clashes between the police and supporters of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) continued for a second day on Wednesday, as law enforcement officials made a fresh push to crack down. to arrest party leader Imran Khan from his Zaman Park residence in Lahore.

Police fired tear gas and water cannons against protesting workers and PTI supporters as fresh clashes broke out. when the law enforcers stepped up their operations it took more than 20-hours to arrest the PTI leader. Many PTI supporters have been arrested.

Many of Khan’s supporters on social media are strongly urging the authorities for such a crackdown. Some celebrities have also expressed their anger over the same.

Farhan Saeed took to Twitter and shared, “When Imran Khan became the Prime Minister, all the players, the players were quick to congratulate him, even to meet him, the Today they have changed their opinion about him which is right, they all get it. The wrong or they are afraid to speak is something to worry about.”

Adnan Siddiqui said, “It’s amazing to witness people from all walks of life coming together with a shared sense of hope, fueled by their passion and commitment.

Haroon Shahid said, “Shooting didn’t work, all ready to try bullets! Accident.”

Singer Annie Khalid said, “What is happening today is Jihad. Living in London I wish I was there tonight to stand with my people – to protect my leader. I welcome in this nation, you are all heroes! Jinnah’s Pakistan.”

The owner of Elan, Khadijah Shah, was busy helping the protesters. “We took water and medicine for the soldiers on the front line – they are being sprayed from the top store and need a lot of water, it’s hard to breathe the air is thick with tear gas – it’s People are still going out and distributing water, masks and Ventolin pills.”

According to Express News, mobile and internet services have been suspended in the neighborhood of Zaman Park and nearby areas. The educational institutions located along the Mall Road remain closed as a medical emergency is conducted.

Rangers are also present on the Mall Road near the prime minister’s former residence Zaman Park – blocking access to the area. A traffic police house and some cars were burnt.

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