Write AI – write fast in automotive literature

Compose AI is an AI automotive text generator, which will help you to write quickly and quickly not only suggestions of words but complete phrases. The Google Chrome extension works on any simple website, showing as a small blue dot in the bottom right corner of the page.

With the rapid growth of artificial intelligence technology and the wide range of keywords available online, Compose AI stands out because it is suitable for writing emails. The tool provides two options to users, a complete recommendation for phrases, with another part that will suggest the use of the highlighted content.

Unlike ChatGPT, you don’t have to change parameters but you can quickly ask for recommendations in a small pop-up window on your screen with just the click. The AI ​​tool provides various suggestions of phrases to choose from, whichever one may seem most appropriate for the text format.

It’s not just a grammar and punctuation for text, but its premium package provides additional features such as unlimited rewording options, summarize, and suggest words per month.

Currently, the free basic version allows you to create 1,000 words per month, 10 to paraphrase, paraphrase, and shorten; and 20 words must be filled.

For daily use, the main package is not suitable for use, since the use will expand the limit set, forcing users to buy special packages, which are included in Premium and Ultimate packages, priced at $9.99/month and $29.99/month. Author AI also offers business pricing for multiple accounts with the Ultimate Package.

The simple AI tool is ideal for users who need the simple task of completing auto and auto recommendations for regular email texts. For more features and tools such as grammar checking, other chrome extensions such as Ryter, ProWriting Aid and Quill Bot can be used.


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