Ali Zafar opens his mind on ‘Faslon ko Takalluf’

On the first day of Ramazan, singer Ali Zafar released his naat song by Iqbal Azeem, Faslon is Takalluf – a kalam that is special to him. The singer hoped that his effort would bring a “sense of inspiration and reverence” to those who listen to him in this holy month.

Zafar wrote a book on his website while sharing his vision to explain his process and motivation. “The holy month of fasting and cleansing our minds, bodies and spirits is here. The opportunity to connect and reconnect on a deeper level with our creator is here. I am humbled to share with you my song Fasilon is Takallufa naat it not only brings nostalgia but also speaks of the spiritual beauty of visiting Mecca and Medina,” he wrote.

The singer added that those who have visited the holy lands of Mecca and Medina will be able to relate to the sadness of this beautiful kalam. “This area is very close to my heart because I was lucky enough to experience the magical power of those sacred lands. It can only be felt and no words can describe those feelings. I’m sure those who were there can understand it,” he said. The black and white video shows Zafar reciting the naat and closed his eyes, with the images of Mecca and Medina playing in the background.

Concluding with a prayer for everyone, he wrote, “Stepping into those holy places is like feeling the weight of the world being lifted from your shoulders. A reminder that we are all travelers on a greater journey, seeking something greater than ourselves. I hope this song brings you a reminder or the same feeling of inspiration and reverence that it brings me.”

Opening a new road to celebrate the holy month of Ramazan is an annual tradition for Zafar. From his purpose Palaghal-ula Bi-Kamaalihi in 2021 to Maula in 2022, then his religious ceremony is Faslon Ko Takalluf this year is an example. Earlier this week, Zafar shared a post that featured a version of the timeless kalam, written by Azeem and recited by Qari Waheed Zafar Qasmi. Ace producer and singer Shuja Haider also released his recitation of Faslon Ko Takalluf in 2021. Kalam has become a staple in Pakistan, with many reverencing its cultural significance to this day.

Last year, Zafar released the first single Maula his fourth album Husn in Ramadan. The music video, directed by Waleed Akram, shows Zafar in the Sheesh Mahal of the Lahore Fort, surrounded by dervishes.

Speaking about the spiritual song and the thought process behind the album, the singer posted on his Instagram, “We all go through our journey and experience life in a unique way. For To me, the most beautiful thing is the path to the unknown which is beyond the hand-made realm that we know as ‘truth’.

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