During the Pakistan Super League (PSL) season eight, an unusual thing happened when, before a match, the referee asked a special official about his club team that was not playing in drop out.

The office filed a complaint with the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), and the judges and umpires department is currently investigating the matter.

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According to details, the eighth edition of the Pakistan Super League (PSL) ended with the victory of Lahore Qalandars a few days ago.

Multan Sultans faced defeat in the final after an impressive performance. There was a lot of controversy during the event, but it was not revealed to avoid tarnishing the league’s reputation. Meanwhile, complications emerged after the tournament.

According to reports, during a game, the referee asked the official why “the boy of my club is not playing.”

The office canceled at that time but later filed a written complaint with the PCB. If the allegation is proven, the match referee could face serious action.

They could not agree on the home game against New Zealand. The replacement ‘Pakistan Cricket’ Both the name of the referee and the official are known, but since the investigation into the case is ongoing, the media obligations to not mention it in the news have been avoided.

Remember at the end, there was a bitter discussion between the manager of Multan Sultans and the referee regarding the scope of the game. Finally, after the hearing, they were fined one game. The punishment will be applied in the first game of Multan Sultans in PSL season nine next year.


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