Rawalpindi to host two ODIs as PCB launches NZ series

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) today confirmed Rawalpindi, along with two T20Is and the first ODI, will also host the second ODI against New Zealand. The two ODIs will be played on 27 and 29 April instead of 26 and 30 April, respectively.

Karachi, originally scheduled to host four ODIs, will host the final three ODIs.

Scheduling plan (T20E starts at 9pm; ODIs start at 3.30pm):

14 April – 1 T20I, Lahore

15 April – 2 T20I, Lahore

17 April – 3 T20I, Lahore

20 April – 4th T20I, Rawalpindi

24 April – 5th T20I, Rawalpindi

27 April – 1st ODI, Rawalpindi

29 April – 2nd ODI, Rawalpindi

3 May – 3 ODIs, Karachi

5 May – 4th ODI, Karachi

7 May – 5th ODI, Karachi


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